Radvertising™ 101

19 Nov

Radvertising™ is an ongoing tally of some of the best (worst?) commercials, gimmicks, slogans, and  jingles in TV history. I think the past is the best learning tool for the present, so take note aspiring mad men.

This old man gets it. How else can he remove the mothball mist leaking out of his mouth? Breath Asure is right on.

Professional commercial actors lack that certain appeal, that certain authenticity that only amateurs can provide. Do you really think that one Asian guy works for 10 different Fortune 500 companies and was asked to be in the commercials for every one of them? I’m not buying it, no sir.

How insanely passionate was that jingle? Goodness, I think I’m tearing up a little. It’s not that it moved me that much, it’s just that she forgot to use Breath Asure. It smells like her cats eat better than her.


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