Can I Get Crazy This Evening??

3 Dec

I cannot overstate how important this man was. Perhaps the greatest thing to ever come out of Ohio, he not only laid the groundwork for G-Funk but today’s hipster dance parties are significantly indebted to him as well (you didn’t think Chromeo came up with that great sound on their own did you?). Today’s throwback Thursday features a number from an amazing live set by Zapp with the one and only Roger Troutman (RIP) running the show. Oh yeah, AK-47 shaped guitar: p.s. if you’re really nice I might let you listen to the Zapp and Roger albums I’ve got on vinyl.


One Response to “Can I Get Crazy This Evening??”

  1. curtis December 7, 2009 at 10:22 am #

    I forgot to mention that this is funktastic. Big fan.

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