7 Feb

While R. Kelly has been my go to songwriter for astonishingly bizarre and unabashedly sexual lyrics for quite some time, the few tracks I had heard off of Untitled had been far too lackluster for me to delve any further into it. So here we are two months after its release and what should come up on shuffle while I’m driving home but a little song called Pregnant by R. Kelly ft Tyrese, Robin Thicke, and the Dream. The songs starts off innocuously enough as all too literal baby-making music with mediocre lyrics (surprise, “booty” rhymes with “cutie”) and half-assed metaphors but at 1:09 R. drops a fucking bomb. You’re going to have to hear it for yourself but I can’t help but wonder if Rush Limbaugh ghostwrote that one. There’s far too much filler in this track for it to hold up to quotable classics such as Real Talk or my personal favorite The Zoo but I haven’t had an “oh, shit” moment like that in quite some time. Somewhere deep in there R.’s still got that able to stun with his boundless misogyny. Enjoy:


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