Well Butter My Floor!

21 May

Let’s get this going again. I’m bored and the people want more.

LLO!!! He fell down. It’s hard to tell who is really the asshole here.


Something more local that happened and has me a bit salty is the Pike St. Shepard Fairey mural in Covington, KY was whitewashed on Tuesday. Destroying cool artwork does not sparkle with us here at WMWM.

Link to story&vid

I don’t know, it looks like a peace sign right up there, but that kid has an automatic weapon. Maybe there’s a hidden message somewhere. I can’t figure it out, just cover it up with white paint.  Oof.


One Response to “Well Butter My Floor!”

  1. johnpaul May 23, 2010 at 6:24 pm #

    i, for one, would like to come out in favor of defacing shepard fairey’s “art”. you don’t go big in someone else’s city. that said whitewashing is fucking lame. additionally, permission was gotten prior to putting up any of these pieces and they’re made of materials which are only supposed to last a few months which makes the whitewashing even more bizarre. NEwayZ if you’re gonna fuck shit up you gotta go bigger and better than what you’re fucking up.

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