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Well Butter My Floor!

21 May

Let’s get this going again. I’m bored and the people want more.

LLO!!! He fell down. It’s hard to tell who is really the asshole here.


Something more local that happened and has me a bit salty is the Pike St. Shepard Fairey mural in Covington, KY was whitewashed on Tuesday. Destroying cool artwork does not sparkle with us here at WMWM.

Link to story&vid

I don’t know, it looks like a peace sign right up there, but that kid has an automatic weapon. Maybe there’s a hidden message somewhere. I can’t figure it out, just cover it up with white paint.  Oof.



25 Feb

Cool animation and crazy ass rock music. Sounds good to me.

Village Romance

11 Feb

The fellows over at the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza have crafted another phenomenal tune to sing along with during your monthly shower. head over their direction to check it out.


9 Feb

Hey everybody check out this new short film by johnpaulcurtin featuring a spoken word piece (“Snow Day”) with musical accompaniment from the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza.


14 Jan

I think this might be one of Wham City’s high points. Set aside the next 11 minutes to watch as Showbeast direct and star in the last video from Dan Deacon’s widely-acclaimed album Bromst. Woof Woof

Some Motherfuckin’ Bullshit

8 Dec

You know what I hate? Blogs that are nothing but a collection of links to other people’s content. Isn’t that some motherfuckin’ bullshit? Blog’s should be all about original content. Not just finding a buncha links and trying to be all witty about them. You ain’t witty motherfucker. You can’t just find some music video on youtube and then write a little something about it and expect people to give a shit. Buy yourself a video camera and a guitar and get to making your own music videos. You think Allen Ginsburg  sat around all day uploading videos of Chubby Checker to his motherfuckin’ blog? I don’t think so. Start writing some bad ass poems that keep the generations to come all up on your junk. You think Abraham Lincoln was all posting links to Frederick Douglas’ blog? Motherfucker was building log cabins and getting his presidency on. Start building something worthwhile and do something useful about all the bullshit politics. And Louis Comfort Tiffany, you think that motherfucker was just hanging out all day changing John La Farge’s wikipedia page to claim that La Farge was in the web famous film “Glass Ass”? That son of a bitch was establishing an aesthetic that to this day is synonymous with money and taste. Starting making something beautiful, you wretched piece of shit.

Amazing. This guy has hundreds of these

19 Nov

water is manly. check out the rest of this guys work. awesome.