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24 May

The new album Brothers by the Black Keys is really really good. I’ll start with that.

There has been a little buzz around the first track, Everlasting Light, which has pretty much the same chord structure as T Rex’s Mambo Sun. Listen for yourself, be the judge. Both are great.

and here’s Mambo Sun by T Rex…

Who knows if the Keys had this song in mind when they wrote Everlasting Light, but I don’t really care. The album is killer, brothers.

Here’s their new music video for Tighten Up, their new single.


Surf’s Up Saturday

22 May

Although some of the more recent trends in indie rock are well represented in Surfer Blood’s new album Astrocoast, I cannot help but enjoy it. Reverb voice? Surf inspiration? Multi-percussionists?? checkcheckcheck. No matter, this is a pretty gnarly song.

nice live version minus reverb voice here

Tasty barrel time?

Maybe next time…


21 May

Pandas drive me bandanas.  Not as cuddly as radvertised…and drunker.

Thursday Tune

25 Mar

Hey everyone! the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza has released a new tune for your listening pleasure. According to lead singer johnpaulcurtin “this song, like, totally, like was unexpected. Like, it just basically happened and we went with it.” sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. follow this link for your listening pleasure.

Happy Tuesday!

9 Mar

Another tuesday another new tune by the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza. This one’s called “Jesus Christ” get your church on and sing it at the top of your lungs!

Tasty Tuesday Treat

2 Mar

Well, well, well! Looks like the fellows over at the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza have written yet another smash hit. check that shit out.

You Want My World

1 Mar

I’m in a Chromeo-related throwback mood, maybe it has something to do with Canada taking us down in hockey, who knows. So, I’m going way, way, way, back to the video that got me hooked on them in the first place:

Maybe I should add a “Things the French-Canadians Got Right” category.


25 Feb

Cool animation and crazy ass rock music. Sounds good to me.

Wednesday Weirdsday

24 Feb

Fuck Negative Thinking

22 Feb

Came up on shuffle. Perfect song to start your battle against Monday morning: