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re: Spring

19 Mar

Esteemed Reader,

Spring is nearly upon us. Act and dress accordingly. Jean shorts, tank tops and sunburns are ascendant. Bicycles are unstoppable. Smiles are contagious. Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Sunglasses. Flip-flops are just barely this side of tolerable. Barefeet are lovely. Bare bodies are lovelier. Sweaty, Sweaty, Sweaty dance parties are mandatory. Undershirts are despicable. Man-cleavage, Girl-cleavage; if you got it, flaunt it. Unbutton as far as good taste dictates and then at least one more. Don’t be afraid to get a bit nautical. Don’t be afraid to get a lot nautical. Subtlety can be wonderful. So can excess. Make something beautiful as the sun rises. Make something beautiful as the sun shines. Make something beautiful as the sun goes down. Make something beautiful even if the sun isn’t shining. When you get down to it, almost as much as we wish we were birds we wish we were fish; fly off something into the water. Vitamin D intake is not a zero-sum game. Indulge guiltlessly. Bonfires are well worth smelling like one for the next four days. A good swimsuit all but guarantees a good time. Hugs are pretty rad. Eating ice cream is totally subversive. So is love.

Your Springtime Lover,



Tasty Tuesday Treat

2 Mar

Well, well, well! Looks like the fellows over at the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza have written yet another smash hit. check that shit out.

You Want My World

1 Mar

I’m in a Chromeo-related throwback mood, maybe it has something to do with Canada taking us down in hockey, who knows. So, I’m going way, way, way, back to the video that got me hooked on them in the first place:

Maybe I should add a “Things the French-Canadians Got Right” category.


25 Feb

Cool animation and crazy ass rock music. Sounds good to me.

Fuck Negative Thinking

22 Feb

Came up on shuffle. Perfect song to start your battle against Monday morning:

Blowing the fuck up

19 Feb

So… this band from berkely is killing it on the blogosphere. add me to the list of sycophants: . feel free to fast-forward through the jibba-jabba. the chords structure reminds a bit of a significantly more upbeat version of this which is in turn an updated version of this: which is in turn an updated version of a previous recording which I prefer but can’t find on youtube.

You diggin’ freak nasty without a shovel?

16 Feb

If you didn’t rub on somebody in 5th grade while this song was playing you’re at the wrong blog:

Village Romance

11 Feb

The fellows over at the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza have crafted another phenomenal tune to sing along with during your monthly shower. head over their direction to check it out.

Launch A Thousand Ships

8 Feb

In order to describe the concept of hocketing, a technique that involves back and forth alternation between two voices with one resting while the other sounds and then vice-versa and which has been most recently been used extensively by the wonderful group the Dirty Projectors, my music history teacher presented this song for our consideration (skip to 0:58): .

a sane and daring masquerade

5 Feb