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24 May

The new album Brothers by the Black Keys is really really good. I’ll start with that.

There has been a little buzz around the first track, Everlasting Light, which has pretty much the same chord structure as T Rex’s Mambo Sun. Listen for yourself, be the judge. Both are great.

and here’s Mambo Sun by T Rex…

Who knows if the Keys had this song in mind when they wrote Everlasting Light, but I don’t really care. The album is killer, brothers.

Here’s their new music video for Tighten Up, their new single.


Well Butter My Floor!

21 May

Let’s get this going again. I’m bored and the people want more.

LLO!!! He fell down. It’s hard to tell who is really the asshole here.


Something more local that happened and has me a bit salty is the Pike St. Shepard Fairey mural in Covington, KY was whitewashed on Tuesday. Destroying cool artwork does not sparkle with us here at WMWM.

Link to story&vid

I don’t know, it looks like a peace sign right up there, but that kid has an automatic weapon. Maybe there’s a hidden message somewhere. I can’t figure it out, just cover it up with white paint.  Oof.

re: Spring

19 Mar

Esteemed Reader,

Spring is nearly upon us. Act and dress accordingly. Jean shorts, tank tops and sunburns are ascendant. Bicycles are unstoppable. Smiles are contagious. Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Sunglasses. Flip-flops are just barely this side of tolerable. Barefeet are lovely. Bare bodies are lovelier. Sweaty, Sweaty, Sweaty dance parties are mandatory. Undershirts are despicable. Man-cleavage, Girl-cleavage; if you got it, flaunt it. Unbutton as far as good taste dictates and then at least one more. Don’t be afraid to get a bit nautical. Don’t be afraid to get a lot nautical. Subtlety can be wonderful. So can excess. Make something beautiful as the sun rises. Make something beautiful as the sun shines. Make something beautiful as the sun goes down. Make something beautiful even if the sun isn’t shining. When you get down to it, almost as much as we wish we were birds we wish we were fish; fly off something into the water. Vitamin D intake is not a zero-sum game. Indulge guiltlessly. Bonfires are well worth smelling like one for the next four days. A good swimsuit all but guarantees a good time. Hugs are pretty rad. Eating ice cream is totally subversive. So is love.

Your Springtime Lover,


Embracing the Absurd: a generation awakened with someone else’s hangover.

8 Feb

We followed the path that seemed to be the most effective way to the heart of the middle-class. Yet nothing came of it. It wasn’t that the workforce was increasingly competitive but that the workforce was increasingly no longer in demand. We grew up under a bubble built and burst by immediacy. As children it seemed that we would make it. As children it seemed that we would have it. Now, as adulthood begins its advances, slowly crushing our ideals and smothering what is left of our youth, many of us feel the acute loss of a future. We must fight back and reclaim meaninglessness. The astonishing failure of the previous system allows us to build a new one. This is not a process we can afford to leave in the hands of those who built the prior failure. Now is not the time to revert to simplistic models of human behavior. Supply and demand are dead. Now is the time to embrace the absurd. Forget the economist’s wet dream of rational self-interest. Absurdity is not an excuse for ignorance and has no time for stupidity. In fact understanding the ordering of reality is perhaps the best path towards becoming absurd. In fact becoming absurd is perhaps the best path towards understanding the ordering of reality.

We can no longer put our trust in those who claim to know the way. We can no longer put our trust in hope for perfection. We must seek to become better not perfect. Minor failures are not an excuse to scrap what may be a major success. Think of it as surrealpolitik. Think of it as the marriage of Bismark and Discordianism. It is now revolutionary to compromise. Compromise is subversive. Everything matters only if nothing does. Accept your failures. Embrace your failures. Embrace others. Embrace others’ failures. Embrace the failure of the previous generations. Accept that their mistakes and lack of foresight are now our reality. Our reality is now absurd and a new tenet emerges: survival of the absurdist.

My Life, My Death, My Choice.

6 Feb

You’re probably snowed in and not doing much of anything so you might as well read this beautiful argument for physician-assisted death. I recommend pairing it with this: and some hot cocoa.


31 Jan

undeniable classic.

This is beyond hot.

31 Jan

I’ve Got a Sad Song in My Sweet Heart

30 Dec

This bootygrooves is a bit different than others have been. Here I present two songs that were released in 2009 that I hope represent what is to come for 2010. Both deal with heartache be it from the actions of another or just simple old-fashioned loneliness. The answer to this universal hurt is to stop crying and have a good time. Both are slow-burners and emotionally powerful. For many (myself included) 2009 was a rough year, let’s lift each other up and make 2010 the best year of our lives (that is until we do the same thing for 2011 and 2012 and so on).

Christmas Bootygrooves

22 Dec

Hey Ya’ll. It’s a well-known fact that I cannot stand Christmas music. However instead of bitching about that incessantly like I usually do I’ve decided to roundup a few of the Christmas tunes that I can stomach. First up a classic from my main man Louis Armstrong: Zat You Santa Claus?? Amazing.

Next up from across the pond the Darkness (from back in their glory days) with “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)” all I gotta say is Robot choir: .

This one will be a bit more divisive but I can’t make a list like this and not acknowledge the more destitute side of the cold season (don’t worry it’s got some great light comedic moments as well). Here’s Tom Waits with “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” God I love that man.

You had to know this would be on here. Picking it back up again (at least musically) it’s Wham! and their classic “Last Christmas”

I hate putting more Brits on here but Brett Domino is amazing. Here’s his Christmas single from last year.

Goddamnit, I’m just giving into the Brits. I remember when  I was totally obsessed with the Pipettes and then their album was mostly mediocre. Oh well. At least they did a pretty sweet arrangement of a Christmas Classic:

Ummm so I think that’s about it. And now I remember that Wham! were Brits too. I guess they basically have the stranglehold on decent Christmas music.  Let me know if I’m missing anything. Doubt it.

The Whole Point

13 Dec

The whole point is to push things forward. Comfort is not always a good thing. It’s nice but it is not all there is. Danger is a wonderful motivator. Fear is as well. It’s not enough to realize you’ve been wrong in the past, you must also realize you will be wrong in the future. Do not fear being wrong. Draw horrible pictures. Write trite bullshit. Sing awful awful awful songs. LOUDLY and out of tune. From these aberrations will come beauty. Or perhaps not. Regardless it means more to have tried to create something beautiful than to marvel at the beauty others have created all the while thinking you could never create something so wonderful. You might be able to. You might not. You probably won’t. You’ll probably end up a miserable failed artist. You’ll probably end up jaded and wretched. Why would you want to be anything else?