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Surf’s Up Saturday

22 May

Although some of the more recent trends in indie rock are well represented in Surfer Blood’s new album Astrocoast, I cannot help but enjoy it. Reverb voice? Surf inspiration? Multi-percussionists?? checkcheckcheck. No matter, this is a pretty gnarly song.

nice live version minus reverb voice here

Tasty barrel time?

Maybe next time…


Bowling and Miller Lite go together like Turkey, Duck, and Chicken

19 Nov

Oh sure, poke fun at the big guy with eyesight issues, real mature. As usual, Mr. Dangerfield gets no respect.

I like this ad better than any recent Miller campaign. There must be bowling. Is that a young John Madden I see? It’s almost turducken time. Can’t wait.

True athletes

19 Nov

Look out Vancouver, I think we have a new olympic sport in town