Wednesday Weirdsday

24 Feb

Fuck Negative Thinking

22 Feb

Came up on shuffle. Perfect song to start your battle against Monday morning:

Blowing the fuck up

19 Feb

So… this band from berkely is killing it on the blogosphere. add me to the list of sycophants: . feel free to fast-forward through the jibba-jabba. the chords structure reminds a bit of a significantly more upbeat version of this which is in turn an updated version of this: which is in turn an updated version of a previous recording which I prefer but can’t find on youtube.

You diggin’ freak nasty without a shovel?

16 Feb

If you didn’t rub on somebody in 5th grade while this song was playing you’re at the wrong blog:

Village Romance

11 Feb

The fellows over at the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza have crafted another phenomenal tune to sing along with during your monthly shower. head over their direction to check it out.


9 Feb

Hey everybody check out this new short film by johnpaulcurtin featuring a spoken word piece (“Snow Day”) with musical accompaniment from the johnpaulcurtin old timey music extravaganza.

Launch A Thousand Ships

8 Feb

In order to describe the concept of hocketing, a technique that involves back and forth alternation between two voices with one resting while the other sounds and then vice-versa and which has been most recently been used extensively by the wonderful group the Dirty Projectors, my music history teacher presented this song for our consideration (skip to 0:58): .

I Get Lifted

8 Feb

This song is a beautiful reminder of the power of understatement, also I could leave it on repeat for days:

Embracing the Absurd: a generation awakened with someone else’s hangover.

8 Feb

We followed the path that seemed to be the most effective way to the heart of the middle-class. Yet nothing came of it. It wasn’t that the workforce was increasingly competitive but that the workforce was increasingly no longer in demand. We grew up under a bubble built and burst by immediacy. As children it seemed that we would make it. As children it seemed that we would have it. Now, as adulthood begins its advances, slowly crushing our ideals and smothering what is left of our youth, many of us feel the acute loss of a future. We must fight back and reclaim meaninglessness. The astonishing failure of the previous system allows us to build a new one. This is not a process we can afford to leave in the hands of those who built the prior failure. Now is not the time to revert to simplistic models of human behavior. Supply and demand are dead. Now is the time to embrace the absurd. Forget the economist’s wet dream of rational self-interest. Absurdity is not an excuse for ignorance and has no time for stupidity. In fact understanding the ordering of reality is perhaps the best path towards becoming absurd. In fact becoming absurd is perhaps the best path towards understanding the ordering of reality.

We can no longer put our trust in those who claim to know the way. We can no longer put our trust in hope for perfection. We must seek to become better not perfect. Minor failures are not an excuse to scrap what may be a major success. Think of it as surrealpolitik. Think of it as the marriage of Bismark and Discordianism. It is now revolutionary to compromise. Compromise is subversive. Everything matters only if nothing does. Accept your failures. Embrace your failures. Embrace others. Embrace others’ failures. Embrace the failure of the previous generations. Accept that their mistakes and lack of foresight are now our reality. Our reality is now absurd and a new tenet emerges: survival of the absurdist.


7 Feb

While R. Kelly has been my go to songwriter for astonishingly bizarre and unabashedly sexual lyrics for quite some time, the few tracks I had heard off of Untitled had been far too lackluster for me to delve any further into it. So here we are two months after its release and what should come up on shuffle while I’m driving home but a little song called Pregnant by R. Kelly ft Tyrese, Robin Thicke, and the Dream. The songs starts off innocuously enough as all too literal baby-making music with mediocre lyrics (surprise, “booty” rhymes with “cutie”) and half-assed metaphors but at 1:09 R. drops a fucking bomb. You’re going to have to hear it for yourself but I can’t help but wonder if Rush Limbaugh ghostwrote that one. There’s far too much filler in this track for it to hold up to quotable classics such as Real Talk or my personal favorite The Zoo but I haven’t had an “oh, shit” moment like that in quite some time. Somewhere deep in there R.’s still got that able to stun with his boundless misogyny. Enjoy: